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Replacement VR covers

How to use your VR headset
1. Power on your Samsung phone. Hold down the power button on the right side of the phone until the screen lights up. Wait a moment for the phone to start up. Tap the power button, then swipe your finger across the screen.

2. Tap the WellnessVR™ icon. This launches the WellnessVR™ app. The screen instructs you to insert the phone into the VR headset.

3. Insert the phone into the VR headset, holding the headset horizontal and the phone screen facing inward toward the lenses. Line up the USB port on the bottom of the phone with the USB port on the headset, and push the phone down. Here’s a video that shows how to insert the phone into the headset.

4. Put on the VR headset, just like a pair of ski goggles. You may wear glasses in the headset, though we recommend trying it without glasses first. There is a focus wheel on top of the headset which you can spin to get better clarity. If it still doesn’t look in focus, try nudging the headset up or down on your nose – the ideal position is looking into the center of the lenses.