A virtual reality platform designed to

Reduce Stress

& Promote Wellbeing

in Seniors

WellnessVR is an affordable, VR-based platform developed with partners in health care & designed to enhance well-being in seniors and people living with disabilities.

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Engaging Virtual Reality Programming

WellnessVR programming includes an ever-expanding library of 360° content. Seniors can relax on a beach in New Zealand, travel to Stonehenge, or sit in on a ballroom dance class, all without leaving their seats. And the immersive 360° format makes them feel like they are right there!

Virtual Travel

Bring the world to your community.

Arts & Culture

Enrich and engage with creative therapy

Relaxing Nature Scenes

Reduce stress and promote wellbeing.


How It Works

For an affordable subscription, WellnessVR delivers immersive 360° nature and travel scenes, performances and learning experiences through our easy-to-use VR app.


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In summer 2017, we partnered up with Ebenezer Senior Living – Minneapolis Campus and studied the impact of virtual reality for relaxation and overall well-being across two senior living communities, over two months. The results of our pre/post evaluation of VR exposure show that virtual reality can help our elderly to maintain a high level of positive emotion and relaxation. Participants reported positive stimulation and therapeutic sensation and appraised VR as one of their preferred activities for even evading dementia.

Felt Happier

Felt More Relaxed

Felt More Positive


Download The Study

Download a free PDF report from the study with Ebenezer Senior Living.

What Seniors Say About WellnessVR

With my limited ability, this could be a surrogate experience for people like me, to travel and enjoy the arts and culture.

That sure calmed me down. I could sit and watch for hours.

When you live on the 20th floor of this building you don't get a lot of opportunities to think about going boat riding - so that's cool.

I felt like I was there. The actual feeling of being there.

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